Our Story...



A number of years ago, whilst gardening, I decided that the bench we had was so old and unsafe to sit on, it was time to invest in a new one.

I spent many a happy hour visiting garden centres and DIY stores, but nothing caught my eye and then by chance whilst on a trip to Dorset, I saw two sets of cast iron bench ends in a ‘junk’ shop and decided to buy them and make the benches myself.

Once completed, they looked great in the garden and many family and friends pleaded with me to make a bench for them. I found some more cast ends and did just that and they were thrilled and said I should go into business as they were really good quality and would last for years.

So, I bit the bullet and invested in ten sets of Victorian cast bench ends purchased from a reclamation business in Herefordshire. I bought the Sapele hardwood timber and stainless steel nuts and bolts and galvanised metal supports and started..

Once I had made four, they sold straight away and I then designed a colour leaflet to give to potential customers.

The feedback I have had has been very encouraging, my customers like the cast iron ends as you cannot find them in any garden centre or DIY store. They are sand blasted and then given two coats of Hammerite paint. The Sapele timber has two coats of Sadolin wood preserver and all the fittings being high grade stainless steel, will never rust..

The benches look great in any garden and as they will last for years, and can be handed down through the generations..

I feel very proud that my little workshop business has become so successful.

John R.