Our Restoration Service...

Garden furniture is a personal thing; we love our gardens and the surroundings and like to have furniture that enhances the whole area.

We are pleased to offer a personal service to restore your furniture to a state that would be even better than when you first purchased it. This is a bold statement and is backed up by customers that we have undertaken work for.

A lot of the furniture collected from our customers is in a very bad state, rotting timber, rusting cast ends and bolts. Many people would seriously think of putting it in a skip and buying a new one.  Don’t do that!

We use hardwood timber such as Sapele, Teak, Oak which is preserved with Sadolin Clear Satin. The cast iron ends are cleaned and if necessary, sand blasted and then given at least two coats of Hammerite paint to your choice of colour. All fixings such as nuts, bolts etc are high grade stainless steel.

Have a look at the ‘Before and After’ pictures and we are sure you will be impressed - and take a look at our Restoration Case Study where we restored a rare, wonderful Coalbrookdale bench to its former glory.

We love what we do and each project is taken personally. Sometimes, we don’t want to give the furniture back!

Before Restoration

M&S Bench-Before Severn Seating-1.jpg
Severn Seating Coalbrookadale 1.jpg

After Restoration

M&S Bench-After Severn Seating-1.jpg
Severn Seating Coalbrookadale 5.jpg